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Welcome to Marine & Maritime. I guess it’s reasonable for me to introduce myself as the Editor of this website, but to be honest I’m no editor and certainly not a journalist! My day job provides me with the opportunity to update the site, using my knowledge of and insight into marine and maritime business sale transactions.

I’m Sean McQuitty, Managing Director at First Peninsula Marine, a specialist agency focused exclusively on the sale and purchase of marine and maritime businesses. I am privileged to lead a talented and dedicated group of people at First Peninsula, but in reality they are all more than capable of getting on with our work without me. So my time is mostly taken up speaking with owners, carrying out appraisals and recording transaction data for comparable valuation purposes.

Marine & Maritime serves as an archive for both UK and international deals and opportunities of all types and sizes, providing a window on Intel collected, whilst reporting news of business sales, mergers and acquisitions worldwide. Aside from that however, the purpose of Marine & Maritime and its social channels below is to connect those that own, operate, buy, sell and advise marine and maritime companies.

I thoroughly enjoy this industry and indeed my work, so if you too have an interest in this specialist area then please do get in touch.

Thank you for visiting Marine & Maritime.

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