Assets of US powerboat manufacturer sold to Top Bank Capital Funding

31st July 2023

Assets of US powerboat manufacturer sold to Top Bank Capital Funding

Top Bank Capital Funding has acquired the assets of US powerboat manufacturer, Streamline, for an undisclosed sum. The Miami-based boating brand will now be known as Streamline R.

With the acquisition of these assets, the US powerboat manufacturer Streamline R will re-establish its position in the market, strengthen its commitment to providing luxury centre consoles to its clients and diversifying its offerings of semi-custom-made boats.

Streamline R currently offers three fibreglass models catering to various boating needs – the 26’ Ace, new 35’ Spartan, and 45’ King, all equipped with advanced features, from the manufacturing process to the newest electronics, offering a perfect platform for saltwater fishing. The company completes all the rigging in-house, and uses long-lasting boat paint finishes that withstands the elements. Customers can choose from a variety of specialist colours, or can even opt for a specially crafted wrap, to personalise their boat.

The company has plans to introduce two new models, the 40’ Chief and 54’ Majesty, due for release in 2024.

Leading the charge is Carl Herndon, an industry veteran with 30 years of experience, best known for designing and manufacturing semi-custom production boats. Herndon has founded multiple successful businesses in various industries including boat manufacturing and boat dealerships.

He was a major contributing factor in the success of a well-known centre console boat manufacturer founded 23 years ago.

Herndon said:

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