Diekow Sails acquired by SVB

1st May 2024

Diekow Sails acquired by SVB

Diekow Sails, a traditional German sailmaker, has been acquired by SVB, an online shop for boating equipment.

Diekow Sails, founded in 1957, is a second generation family-run business, most recently managed by Jürgen Diekow. Its sailmaking workshop, complete with the latest software, is based in Norderstedt.

The company said in a statement that part of Diekow Sails’ product range will be available in the SVB shop in future. The specific products that will be taken over are furling jib covers and boom covers.

SVB is a mail order company based in Bremen, dealing in sailing and powerboat equipment, and employs over 150 people. The family-run business was founded in 1989 by Thomas Stamann, specialising in sails and boat covers, and is now run by Stamann and his two children Judith and Andreas. It offers sales in all areas of boating, including anchoring and docking, rigging, electronics, heating, and paint, among others.

Judith Stamann, Managing Director at SVB, said:

In 2023, SVB set up a new shop in Kiel, as well as launching SVB Campus, a ‘maritime training centre’ delivering face-to-face training courses and online seminars in watersports knowledge, including boat engines, navigation, electrics and safety.

With the takeover, SVB can now further expand its range in the sails and tarpaulin sector.

Thomas Stamann. Managing Director at SVB, added:

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