Exciting new era for Discovery Yachts!

United Kingdom
12th April 2017

Exciting new era for Discovery Yachts!

Management-led buyout at Discovery Yachts following the retirement of the company’s founder and Chairman John Charnley.

It’s the start of an exciting new era for Discovery Yachts with a management-led buyout headed by the Managing Director Sean Langdon, following the retirement of the company’s founder and Chairman John Charnley.
The new team heading up the highly-respected British luxury cruiser brand, are looking to build on the company’s successes. Discovery have ambitious plans to expand the current range with the launch of a new 48ft luxury cruising yacht in early 2018 as well as adding another brand into the mix for the Discovery Group.
The new management team at Discovery Group are currently taking prudent and proactive restructuring steps to mitigate the results of the past challenging trading conditions faced by many marine businesses. The business is currently carrying out financial restructuring of part of the Group – involving new investors and shareholders.
Discovery Yachts has seen a promising start to 2017 and so far this year has secured £2.3 million in new orders across its range of luxury, high quality cruising yachts, with more expected in the coming weeks.
Sean Langdon has been Managing Director of Discovery Yachts since August 2016 during which time he has worked closely with John Charnley on the succession of this highly sought-after brand. Sean has a long association with the marine industry and recently spent three years as the Sales & Marketing Director for a well-known European production yacht brand.

Discovery Yachts

John Charnley and his wife Caroline, founded Discovery Yachts 18 years ago with the ambition to build a range of luxury cruising yachts for bluewater sailing enthusiasts. In close collaboration with super yacht designer Ron Holland, the couple successfully developed a range of high quality monohull ocean passage cruising yachts including the iconic Discovery 55, the flagship Discovery 67 and the most recent launch – the Discovery 58.
The Group has recently launched the new Bluewater 50 catamaran, design by Bill Dixon and Discovery are currently building two of the new models.

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