Italian RIB manufacturers announce merger

6th January 2022

Italian RIB manufacturers announce merger

The Italian RIB manufacturers Sacs and TecnoRib have announced their merger into a new entity, Sacs Tecnorib.

Both RIB manufacturers have a strong and reputable history of boat manufacturing.

TecnoRib was set up in 2005, with a mission to design, build and distribute a new range of rigid inflatable boats. It now holds the official license of the Pirelli and Pzero brands for inflatable boats, and today the company, with its HQ in Rescaldina, offers vessels between 3 to 19 metres, built entirely in Italy.

The merger with Sacs, based in Roncello, will consolidate the strong growth recorded in recent years and will strengthen the presence of the brands in international markets.

The vision is that the new company Sacs TecnoRib will be a world-leading producer of Maxi Ribs and one of the main players on the Italian boating scene, with turnover for the current year forecast to exceed 45 million euros.

Matteo Magni, President of Sacs TecnoRib, sees the merger as a continuation of strategic vision between the two businesses.

He commented:

Sacs TecnoRib’s CEO, Giovanni De Bonis, is confident that it is a time for structured growth.

He said:

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