Markey Machine acquires winch systems manufacturer JonRie InterTech

18th October 2023

Markey Machine acquires winch systems manufacturer JonRie InterTech

Markey Machine, a global leader in the marine deck equipment and winch industry, has acquired winch systems manufacturer JonRie InterTech.

Founded in 1907 by Charles Markey, and based in Seattle, USA, Markey Machine is a world leader in marine heavy deck equipment and winches. It offers fully custom winches for tug boats and ships worldwide, including winches for marine towing, scientific/oceanographic research, and mooring, alongside anchor windlasses.

The company also offers offers marine surveys and deck machinery repairs through the Sentinel Maritime Safeguard and Inspection program.

The acquisition of JonRie InterTech allows Markey Machine to expand its product offerings, strengthen its technical capabilities, and enhance its market presence. Blaine Dempke, CEO of Markey Machine, said:

The winch systems manufacturer JonRie InterTech, founded in 2000, is based in New Jersey and provides winch systems to the tug boat and dredging Industries, as well as to the military.

The company also offers ship docking and escort services, marine capstans, barge deck equipment, and cranes including offshore and life-saving SOLAS. Repairs, winch overhauls, modifications, upgrades and testing of winches is also available.

Brandon Durar, Founder of JonRie InterTech, commented:

Markey Machine is committed to continuing the JonRie InterTech product line, to strengthen its position as a leader in deck machinery for marine and offshore applications.

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