Powerboat manufacturer Nimbus Group acquires Norwegian retailer

21st February 2022

Powerboat manufacturer Nimbus Group acquires Norwegian retailer

The powerboat manufacturer Nimbus Group AB has acquired Herholdt Andersen AS, a Norwegian motorboat dealer, as part of Nimbus Group’s strategy to grow within the dealer segment and strengthen the company’s market position.

The powerboat manufacturer Nimbus Group was founded in 1968 in Långedrag, outside Gothenburg, where the head office is still located. Since then, several brands have been added to the portfolio of what today is the Nimbus Group, employing 288 people. Nimbus Group now comprises the brands Alukin, Aquador, Bella, Falcon, Flipper, Nimbus and Paragon Yachts, with operations in Sweden, Finland, Poland and in the UK.

The acquisition is an opportunity for Nimbus Group to expand within the dealer sector.

Jan-Erik Lindström, CEO of Nimbus Group, said:

Herholdt Andersen AS is a full-service company for motorboats with 11 employees at the two facilities in Tönsberg, Norway. The company sells motorboats, including the brands Axopar, BRIG, Jeanneau, Buster and Yamarin, together with services and sale of Yamaha engines. In addition, financing, insurance, winter storage, service and repairs are offered.

Pål Herholdt, CEO and owner of Herholdt Andersen AS, also sees the acquisition as a time for development.

He commented:

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