Safety distributor acquired by Summit Fire & Security

Safety distributor acquired by Summit Fire & Security

Fire Ranger, a Florida-based distributor for Sea-Fire Marine fire detection and suppression systems, has been acquired by Summit Fire & Security.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Fire Ranger is a supplier of fire detection and suppression systems for recreational and commercial vessels, as well as for dockside use, including inspections, certification, supply and installations, training and consultation.

Summit Fire & Security, based in Nevada, has extensive experience in installation, maintenance, inspection, monitoring, consulting and retrofit services in a range of industries.

From all types of commercial vessels to superyachts and recreation vessels, Summit Fire & Security has experience in the world’s many types of fire and life safety solutions for marine needs, with an extensive knowledge of rules, code compliance and regulations.

Neil Cooper, Summit Fire & Security’s Fire Life Safety Manager, sees the acquisition as a time for growth in the marine industry.

He said:

Ernie Ellis, Sea-Fire President, sees the purchase is a time of development for both distributor and supplier.

He commented:

Fire Ranger becomes a division of Summit, with new resources and infrastructure to expand marine business nationally, including applications for Sea-Fire products in unrepresented market segments. Summit will in turn concentrate on land-based systems.

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