Survival solutions manufacturer Wescom Group acquires KeTech Defence Ltd

United Kingdom
7th February 2024

Survival solutions manufacturer Wescom Group acquires KeTech Defence Ltd

Survival solutions manufacturer Wescom Group has acquired chemical detection technologies company KeTech Defence Ltd (KDL), expanding its presence in the defence market.

KDL, based in Nottingham, UK, is a leading supplier in the provision of rapid defence technologies, including the KeDetect XD4, XD6, and XD8 detection kits, developed to specifically detect explosives.

In the nerve agent detection field, KDL produces the Nerve Agent Immobilise, Enzyme Alarm and Detector (NAIAD) – the only nerve detector in the world that can detect all known and unknown agents, including future variants. NAIAD is unique as it alarms under both attack and low level ongoing exposure conditions, operating under battlefield and homeland conditions.

Another product, the Ship Installed Chemical Alarm System (SICAS), detects nerve agents including Novichok and FTA variants.

The Residual Vapour Detector is part of the KeDetect family of Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) detection equipment products. The CW RVD is designed for use by military, security services, first responders, hazard material teams and decontamination teams, as well as by NATO forces.

Tony Shaw, Manufacturing and Service Manager at KDL, said:

Wescom, with its HQ in Derbyshire, UK, has specialist manufacturing facilities for survival solutions across four sites in Germany, UK, Spain and Australia, from where it designs, manufactures and distributes pyrotechnic rescue signalling devices. It is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of SOLAS, MED and USCG-approved pyrotechnic marine distress signals to the commercial and leisure marine sectors, marketed under the globally recognised brands Pains Wessex, Comet, Oroquieta and Aurora.

The acquisition of KDL expands Wescom Group’s portfolio and complements its business model of defence survival solutions that include pyrotechnic signalling, screening, training and simulation, obstacle breaching solutions and now chemical detection. It enables the business to provide a wide range of detection technologies and support services, further enhancing Wescom Group’s profile as a primary source of critical survival solutions.

Ross Wilkinson, Wescom Group’s CEO, commented:

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