Versari & Delmonte acquired by marine accessories company Foresti e Suardi Group

28th November 2022

Versari & Delmonte acquired by marine accessories company Foresti e Suardi Group

Marine accessories company Foresti e Suardi Group has announced the acquisition of Versari & Delmonte, an Italian company that produces deck components in stainless steel and aluminium.

This new investment represents an opportunity for the group to break into the exclusive market of the superyacht industry. Foresti & Suardi was launched in 1961 in Predore, on Lake Iseo in Northern Italy, by Giulio Versari. Run by three family generations, it produces nautical accessories such as lighting and lamps, stainless steel and aluminium accessories, and measuring instruments such as barometers, from its plant in Adro.

In 2001, the company acquired Azur Inox Marine in Saint Raphael (France), and in 2019 it obtained the prestigious 100% Made in Italy Certificate, awarded by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers. This ensures that production must be carried out in Italy, products must be made of natural and high-quality materials and based on typical craftsmanship, and working rights, safety and hygiene must be respected.

Versari & Delmonte, based in Eastern Liguria, is a 35-year-old organisation producing a range of nautical accessories for luxury yachts, specialising in light alloy and stainless steel products such as hatch locking handles, cleats and hinges.

For several years, Foresti e Suardi Group has been pursuing a strategy of acquisitions aimed at expanding its commercial offer, addressing an increasingly diversified and prestigious clientele.

The group’s most recent acquisition was Alluminox, a manufacturer in the Sebino sector and leader in the custom-made production of nautical components in stainless steel.

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