Survival solutions manufacturer Wescom acquires ANP Pharma

United Kingdom
12th June 2023

Survival solutions manufacturer Wescom acquires ANP Pharma

Survival solutions manufacturer Wescom Group has acquired leading medical supplies company ANP Pharma, to expand its presence in the maritime market.

ANP Pharma, based in Essex, UK, is a leading supplier for regulated pharmaceuticals in the marine sector, and one of the fastest growing single-source suppliers of complete medical solutions worldwide.The company is registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) and is licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

It offers a range of services, including supply of regulated medicines for medical stores, vessel medical supply audits and remote medical support services for a range of marine sectors, including commercial, offshore, leisure craft and cruise ships.

ANP’s CEO Chris Curran commented:

Wescom, with its head office in Derbyshire, has specialist manufacturing facilities for survival solutions across four sites in Germany, UK, Spain and Australia, from where it designs, manufactures and distributes pyrotechnic rescue signalling devices.

Ross Wilkinson, Chief Executive Officer of Wescom Group, said:

ANP Pharma expands Wescom Group’s portfolio and complements its business model of global distribution of highly regulated marine safety equipment to mandated end-user markets.

Wescom Group’s move into global marine pharmaceutical distribution follows last year’s purchase of MRT’s distress electronics and is equally complimentary to the company’s long-term ambitions.

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