Y Yacht acquired by Topsail Insurance

United Kingdom
1st December 2020

Y Yacht acquired by Topsail Insurance

Topsail Insurance, which provides specialist marine insurance products to the sailing community, has purchased Y Yacht Insurance and Y Yacht Assurances France.

Part of the reason for the sale by the owner and Managing Director of Y Yachts, Barrie Sullivan, to specialist marine insurance provider Topsail was due to the fact that Mr Sullivan had previously worked with the company’s shareholders Ricardo De Cristofano (Director of Underwriting) and Nigel Hawkes (Director of Operations) who have similar underwriting opinions to him.

As part of the deal, Y Yacht team members Claire Froggatt and Helen Webster have joined the Topsail team.

Chris McGowan of Topsail commented:

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Topsail, which is based in Brighton, was established in 1996 as a general commercial broker. A restructuring of the company in 2007 led to the consolidation of the business specialising in everything marine related.

Barrie Sullivan of Y Yacht commented:

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